Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Swing Low, Weird Train People

Phew. It's been a while. And many, many miles.
And it's just taken me 78 minutes to read through all of the emails that have been waiting for me while I've been away from my desk for two nights.

Suppose I should start answering some of them at some point. Hmmm...

Before I do that, I have to say HI, massively, three times, and also ask a question.

A massive HI goes out to everybody at Gresham's in Norfolk. You guys rocked - sorry I couldn't stay longer.

Also to everyone at Collegiate High in Blackpool, especially Year 7. Thanks for all the weird fun.

Finally, Year 8 at St Mary's, also in Blackpool, in fact just round the corner from Collegiate. I loved your stories and was really impressed by the wealth of imagination in that hall today. Oh, and the fish that ate the grandma's face. And also I learned a valuable lesson today...

There's no fruit in Blackpool. Apparently. That's according to Year 8 at St Mary's.

My question: Why am I getting more travel sick the more I travel and the older I get? Isn't it something you're meant to grow out of? Or is it because Virgin have made their trains even more wobbly?

It's a serious problem. I nearly redecorated a carriage today, and the commuters would not have been pleased with me. Laptops don't work so well with a coating of stomach-contents.

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