Thursday, July 05, 2007

George Michael Stole My Dead Pet

It's been another crazy week in the Joeworld. I've travelled 6,000 miles across 3 continents and met 160,000 students at 48 different schools.

OK, that's all a pack of lies, but it's how I feel.

The truth is I only made it to three schools, so a massive 'hello' and a medium sized 'wotcha?' to everybody at: Park High School in Stanmore, Bishop of Winchester Comp in Bournemouth and St Peter's C of E Primary in Wakefield.

And yes, Bournemouth is quite far from Wakefield, so I have travelled quite a bit.

I also recorded an interview for the BBC World Service. How posh and fancy and really-quite-cool is that? They came down to Bournemouth to record one of my workshops there. (Which turned out to be mainly about a guy called Bob and a girl called Brenda who have to go on the run when George Michael steals their cat. A cat which is dead. Hmm... let's hope the magic of radio makes sense of that one.)

I'll keep you posted on when you can hear that show. It's a special edition of the book show to celebrate the release of the last Harry Potter book.

Now, I suppose I ought to post some thoughts about that, since it's a pretty famous children's book series and I'm, you know, a chilren's author and all. Well, maybe I will.

Yes, maybe... I... will...

I feel a rant coming on. But the thing is, I've been warming up for a totally different rant.

A rant about Wimbledon...

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Racheya said...

Lolz, I can't wait to hear it, i've forgot what you sound like because it's been like a year since I last heard you. *pouts*

I don't really see what JC has to do with HP but I suppose they're trying to big up reading as much as they can.

You should definately rant about Wimbledon first, bloody weather. *sulks* Rant!! RANT!! :)