Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hidden Veg

I can't remember the beginning of this week. It's lost somewhere in the mist of frantic activity and rushing about on trains. (Erm, actually, you should probably make that 'lesuirely activity' and 'falling asleep on trains'.)

I've been at three schools, all of them very welcoming and a lot of fun, and each with their own colourful characters.

I hope you don't mind if I send out one massive HELLO to cover everybody at Newton Prep in Battersea, everybody who came from surrounding schools to see me at Nescot College, and everybody at Teddington School in, um, Teddington.

I'm beginning to think I could write a guide book to the best school dinners available all over the country. The jerk chicken wrap at Teddington was excellent, but so was the beef stew at Newton Prep. Don't you think that would be a useful guide book for teachers? And for Jamie Oliver? OK never mind.

Now I'm able to sit back in seclusion, relax my mind, and get on with writing the next Jimmy Coates book. Oh actually, hold on, I've got more school visits coming up this week. So look out for me at Park High School in Stanmore, Bishop of Winchester Comprehensive in Bournemouth and the whole of the city of Wakefield.

I'm coming for you.

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