Sunday, March 18, 2007

I've Arrived

I'm moving house.

Lots of boxes.


Still so many things to put into boxes.

More boxes.

I put myself in a box this afternoon but I needed help taping up the outside.

Then I couldn't get out.

Apart from the pretty major operation of shifting all my stuff from one house to another, it's also a major psychological shift. I'm leaping two 'zones' (the London Underground is divided into zones - Zone 1 is the centre, then they move out in concentric circles until Zone a million, which is Manchester). I live in Zone 4 today. Tomorrow I will live in Zone 2.

I am also changing from an '020 8' person to an '020 7' person. This is big. Dialling code personalities are very different. I've been an '020 8' person all my life so far. Not sure how my body will react to the '020 7' atmosphere. We'll see.

All of this means that anybody who's emailed me lately might have to wait even longer than usual for a reply. I will get back to you eventually, I promise. But you'll have to be patient.

Finally, hello to everyone at St Martin's Garden Primary School in Bath. I liked your school, your uniforms and, OK, everything else about you as well, I suppose.

Especially your ideas about what it's like to be shoved up King Kong's nose.

It's probably quite spacious.

But I wonder what zone it is.

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