Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Too Many Pancakes

It was Pancake Day yesterday, and I think one of the moderators over at the Jimmy Coates Forum must have had a couple too many. He accidentally deleted most of the members! But at least I'm still there, and I can chat with... myself.

Seriously though, if you were a member there and you're wondering what's happened - don't panic. You haven't been banned or anything, it's just a mistake. Sign up again and all will be well.

And if you weren't a member before, now's a good time to join up because it'll look like you were one of the first!

You'll find it at

And meanwhile, I've had loads of emails about the trail of clues that is now live on my website. Quite a few of you have reached the thrid or fourth clue, so if you haven't made it that far yet, keep thinking, and keep browsing the site to see what you can find. Don't forget to check all the pages, look out for anything that looks suspicious, and keep the clues in your head so you know what to check for.

The first clue is on the homepage,

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