Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Little Rant About A Movie Star. We All Need One From Time To Time.

It was Groundhog Day today.

It was Groundhog Day today.

It was Groundhog Day today.

Ha ha, yes I'm very funny. Anyway, one small coincidence is that for the first time in ages today I saw a L'Oreal advert with Andie MacDowell in it. (I don't think I usually watch the sorts of shows that have L'Oreal ads in them.)

Once I'd got over her luminous skin, and hair where grey apparently doesn't live any more, I started thinking about her acting career...

Groundhog Day - a classic for many reasons, none of which is Andie MacDowell.
Four Weddings and a Funeral - also a classic, but again, I think it would still have been a great movie with someone else in her part.

And then...

That's it. What else has she done? We can have a look down her CV, but it really doesn't help.

OK, you might point out Short Cuts, but let's not get carried away. Would you go and see a movie because it stars Andie MacDowell?

And yet I assume that thanks to her people buy truckloads of shampoo/skin cream/whatever it was that made her so 'worth it' in the advert today.

I can't think of anybody else who has created the illusion of being a movie star after being in so few decent movies, and being so ordinary in them.

Meg Ryan is a close second.

There you go. That's my Groundhog Day thought. Next year I'll try to be nice to someone instead.

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randomcha said...

You aren't the first friend of mine to start dissing Ms. McDowell. However, in "sex, lies & videotape" she IS pefectly cast and DOES turn in a great performance. So that's one at least.