Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The email I just sent to Warburtons, via their website,

Dear Warburtons,
My girlfriend and I really like your bread. That's all I have to say! Just a hearty 'well done' and 'keep up the good work'. We're particularly keen on your 'Seeded Batch' loaves.
I was never a big bread fan. I like a sandwich every now and again, but found it very hard to chosoe the right loaf. I found that expensive loaves weren't necessarily better, and I was often disappointed. Then I discovered Warburtons. I'm now a big bread eater - always loyal to Warburtons.
Your bread is delicious on its own, it toasts well, and it is lovely with any spread that I have tried. One thing my girlfriend noticed was that the larger loaves tended to tear in a particular place, which she found annoying, but now we've discovered the smaller loaves, which are just as delicious and don't seem to have that tearing problem. (Not that it was much of a problem!)
The Seeded Batch loaves also seem to freeze very well. That's probably horrific to your instincts as quality bakers, but it's always good for us to have an 'emergency' loaf in the freezer for weeks when I haven't organised the groceries very well.
So thank you, Warburtons. And please pass on our appreciation to every member of the team. You're doing a great job.
Joe Craig


Flaky said...

because of this blog entry I told my mum to buy their bread and she does agree it is nice!

Rachael said...

lol you sent that? Thats just cool! I love warbrutons, we have the toastie bread in our house usually and its great toasted and easy to get out of the toaster. *dies* I think weve ran out of bread though. *panicks*