Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bring on the Bagels

I'm deep into the first stages of the editing process for Jimmy Coates: Sabotage. This is the stage before I hand it in to my editor at HarperCollins, while I'm still working on it myself with notes from a trusted few. (Very few. Just two other people, in fact.)

It's intense stuff. But now my eyes are starting to close of their own accord (as if they're controlled by some instinct that's deeply ingrained in the programming of my DNA... ooh...). So I'm off to bed.

If any of you are around Stoke Newington this afternoon, come along to the Fables and Bagels event at Simon Marks School (N16 6PD). I'm appearing there with a couple of other authors for a family-friendly festival of fun. I suppose I'll be providing some of the 'Fables' (or talk about fables at least), while I'm hoping somebody sees fit to shove a bagel into my hands.

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