Friday, January 26, 2007

King of Sports

For a long time I've ranted on at anyone who would listen about the three greatest sports. Now, I'm a big fan of cricket and football, but when it comes to the metaphysically perfect sports, there are three which stand out beyond the reach of any other:

1. Table-Tennis
2. Five-a-Side Football (that's Five-a-Side Soccer, for anyone reading in the US)
3. Pool

The reasons are many and profound, but I'm not here to continue my long-running rant. I'm here to say that if I ever get a chance to play table-tennis on a table LIKE THIS, I may well find that the King of Sports can reach an even higher level.

Would it be the Sport of the Gods? I don't know, but it would be a lot of fun finding out.

Meanwhile, my Five-a-Side team is poised at fourth in the league, only one point behind the team above us and with a game in hand. You all needed to know that. Now go back to thinking about that table-tennis table.

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