Sunday, January 28, 2007

Roll up, Roll up

Any of you live in St. Neot's?

One of my first ever school visits was there, almost two years ago now. I remember it really well because it was a really fun event.

Well, I'm coming back. And this time it's open to the public.

Yup, the St. Neot's branch of Waterstone's is hosting a Jimmy Coates quiz, a talk/rant from me, and a book signing (me again).

Most of the events I do are in schools, so I don't tend to tell everyone about them until afterwards (schools don't seem to like random strangers wandering in off the street for some reason). But in the next few weeks I have a handful of events that are open to the public. That's YOU.

I thought I'd give you early warning about this one, as it's going to be a ticketed event. (Oh yes, I'm THAT popular.)

It's on Thursday March 15th, at 5.30pm. Here are the details:

(For some reason it says 'Saturday March 15th' there, but that's wrong. The event will be on the Thursday. I think. I'm pretty sure. I hope. If that changes I'll let you all know.)

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