Saturday, November 04, 2006

Stupid Things I Hadn't Thought About Before

Big was on the Sci-fi channel just now, so I watched most of it while I was having some lunch. (Good lunch, by the way - juicy steak, home-grown rocket salad, mustard, mmmmm...)

I've seen it about a thousand times before, but it only struck me for the first time today that I'm now closer in age to the main character as an adult than the main character as a kid. I don't think that was true last time I watched the movie.

It made me sad for some reason. It's not that I'd go back to being 13 if I could, I think it's just that I realised I wasn't going to be the age I am now forever. I don't think I'd realised that until now. I suppose that makes me an idiot.

So what other things do I know are true but haven't really thought about before?

1. We need food to survive. We need it. Isn't that weird? Without it, we'd just die!
2. The world is spinning. SPINNING! Doesn't that worry you?
3. There's nothing that makes gold more valuable than mud, except that loads of people will pay lots of money for gold and not for mud. And that's only because gold is shinier and less common.
4. Music is just vibrations in the air. That's all! Vibrations! Crazy.
5. There are so many people in the world. BILLIONS! More than there ever have been.

Loads of people.

And we're all older than we were yesterday...


randomcha said...

Another stupid, obvious thing:

Jazz is one of the hardest kinds of music to create, and one of the easiest to ignore.

Joe said...

Woah, you're right. That's amazing.

Plenty of food for thought there.