Thursday, November 02, 2006


Blogging has been slow lately - sorry about that. But there is a good reason - I'm getting the fourth Jimmy Coates book written.

At this very second, it is only 17,208 words long. And that isn't very long at all for a novel. The first three books in the series are all about 65,000 words long. But this is OK - I've only written the first part of the story and I'm making progress.

I've worked out that across the whole period of time it will take me to write my novel, I will have saved nearly two hours by compiling a really really long playlist on itunes so that I don't have to keep changing the CD. Unfortunately, I have also worked out that it took me more than two hours to compile that playlist. So I'm about even, then.

Other time saving tricks that will get my novel written more quickly:

-typing very very fast.
-correcting my typing mistakes very very fast.
-keeping the odeon website open on my desktop so I always know which movies I can catch if I get my work for the day done early.
-staring out of the window at people being very cold. I don't know why this one works, but it does seem to make me work faster.
-reciting my deadline over and over again in my head like a mantra.
-humming carols to myself as a reminder that I want to be able to take a few days off at Christmas.
-not going to the post office. Sorry if you've been waiting for a parcel from me. It's not going to happen any time soon.

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