Friday, October 27, 2006

The Sort of Game Only I Could Possibly Enjoy

Itunes can do funny things to you. Before I had all my music on my computer, I would never have been able to work out which song I have most different recordings of. I would have wondered, but I never would have actually been able to work it out.

I assumed the answer would be Yesterday - as that is, I believe, the most recorded song of all time. But I've only got four different recordings of that in my collection - The Beatles, Paul McCartney doing a later, live version, Ray Charles and Oscar Peterson.

I have five different recordings of Summertime: Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Gary Burton, Oscar Peterson and, weirdly, Peter Gabriel.

But so far, the surprise winner is Georgia On My Mind. I have six different recordings of it. I'm still looking for other songs that I might have loads of different times, so feel free to suggest titles I should search for.

Meanwhile, how about guessing which 6 recordings I have?


Joe said...

I just found out I have six different recordings of 'All The Things You Are' as well.

randomcha said...

GEORGIA ON MY MIND: not sure which 6 you have, but the ones I have are by Spencer Davis Group, Ray Charles, Dave Brubeck Quartet, Willie Nelson. Any overlap? ;)

Joe said...

My six 'Georgias': Ray Charles, Hoagy Carmichael, John Scofield, Oscar Peterson, Django Reinhardt and Ben Webster.
So, surprisingly little overlap!

Anonymous said...

Just noticed this in this weeks Front Row email newsletter...

> The shelves of the BBC music library contain hundreds of different
> versions of George Gershwin's song Summertime and on Thursday Kirsty
> Lang investigates its long-standing popularity, which has even led
> one club promoter to ban singers from performing it.

Joe said...

Yes, Summertime is definitely over-performed. Great song, but I won't play it at gigs. In fact, the only version I'll listen to (despite owning 5 different versions) is the INCREDIBLE Oscar Peterson version that you'll find by typing B0000C435N into the search box at

Just to complete the picture, I just found 6 different recordings of each of the following: 'Tenderly', 'Perdido' and 'Solitude'.

Joe said...

Come to think of it, type B0000046LU into the search box and get the whole set.