Monday, September 04, 2006

Stupid 'Days'

Apparently, yesterday was 'Blog Day 2006'.

Er, what?

There's a day for blogging? Who decided this? And what is the day for? Starting blogs? Reading blogs? Celebrating blogs? Raising money for blogs? Raising awareness about the plight of people who write webogs?

This is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard.

People who have blogs don't need a 'day'. The whole idea of writing a weblog is that we're such self-indulgent people that we have to ramble on about our own lives without caring whether anybody is interested or even reading the stuff we write in the first place. The last thing we need is a 'day'.

Here are a few other categories of people or things that are more deserving of a 'day' than blogs and bloggers:

Jazz musicians, Songwriters, Children's authors, Tap-dancing elephants, Quantum physicists, Nurses, All types of fish (except Baramundi), Librarians, Frogs, Great artists, Greyhounds that can't run very fast, Teachers, Atheists, The old type of photo booth where you could get a strip of four different photos, Anybody in Year 10 at school, People who suffer from regular nose-bleeds, Agents, People with chapped lips, Anybody who knows how to make a really good fry up, Chilies and people who grow them, Animal-lovers, People with really good taste, Engravings, Subtle jokes that are actually really funny when you think about them, Unusual food combinations (like mango and coriander, or strawberries and black pepper), Pianos, Toast, Mentos and, finally, sushi.

Some of those might already have 'days'. At least I hope they do.

I can't bear to imagine all those tap-dancing elephants out there without a 'day' to celebrate.

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Anonymous said...

But haven't you forgotton the "Day For Not Playing Five-A-Side Football"?