Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Books Books Books

My box of books arrived today from America. It's the new paperback edition of the first Jimmy Coates book.

I've spent plenty of time today playing with the packaging (building, folding, popping bubble-wrap etc.) and now I'm going to build a fort in my living room out of all the books. A literary world where I can hide away. If it's big enough, I might write in there. But it would have to have room for all my snacks.

You know what, I've just realised - paperbacks aren't going to be as good for building as the hardbacks were. Hmmm... might have to dig out my copies of the hardback edition to put down a foundation.

Now, I don't want to give the impression that all I do with books is build with them. You can read them as well, you know. But if you have about 25 copies of the same book, you only need to read one of the copies.

This is all a roundabout and rather un-cunning way of saying that you should get your own copy (or 25) and read it, then build with it, and recommend it to a friend.

Check it out here.


James Casey said...

Do you ever see the twists coming in your own work?

Joe said...

Do you mean when I'm writing or when I'm re-reading?

When I'm writing, all the twists are carefully planned out and I might even write some key 'twist' scenes first so that I know where I'm aiming for with the rest of the book.

When I'm re-reading, I get a lot of pleasure from noticing the tiny clues I've slipped in. Some of them so small they may as well not be there - except that I like them.

So yes, I do always see them coming. For me, that's part of the fun, even though I know the pleasure for other people is not being able to see a twist coming, but then when it comes, it seems like there was no other way things could have turned out.

Gotta alove a good twist.