Friday, May 26, 2006

Was I Interesting? Was I Dull? Was I Somewhere In-Between?

This morning I spoke on a panel at the Sydney Writers' Festival. I wouldn't have believed that I would enjoy the festival so much. Something about the combination of people, weather and setting has made it a very special few days.

And tonight I will be fed dinner by HarperCollins. What more could I ask for?

For my event, I was with Jonathan Stroud, Jackie French and Jaclyn Moriarty to talk about "Writing for Young People".

I ranted my rant, and I think it went down OK. I got a few laughs, at least - not always intentionally. I think I would have been more fluid, but the authors were seated beneath two very powerful heaters. We were being roasted. Whenever I was called upon to say anything, I cold feel my brain shrivelling.

I also learned quite a bit from my co-panellists, all more experienced than me. Each had a different style, and a different take on the topic, but they all had the audience paying attention (and even taking notes in some cases!). I don't think anybody was taking notes on my story about photographs of women's backs. Perhaps I'd best keep that one to myself in future.

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