Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Journey of a Thousand Miles... Wouldn't Get Me Anywhere Close

I'm about to embark on the longest journey of my life. I've packed plenty of snacks.
I'll be going just about as far as away I could get while still remaining on Earth. And I quite like Earth. I think I'll stay.
But will I like Sydney?
Of course I'll like Sydney! I've heard about the seafood.
It's a 24 hour ride from here, though. 25 if you include the taxi to Heathrow. 25 and a half if there's traffic. OK, now I'm nit-picking.
Of course, because of the time difference I will actually arrive after I leave. Isn't that amazing?
Now, the astute among you will notice that my leaving for Australia has implications. Yes it does. It means that I have just emailed the manuscript for Jimmy Coates: Revenge to my editor. There will still be lots of work to do on it, I am sure, but this still feels like a great step forward. Only a thousand more steps to go before you get to read it.
Don't forget, you can still vote on what colour you think the front cover should be - click here for that. HarperCollins might take no notice of what you think whatsoever, but hey - that's life.
My next post will be from Sydney. Except because of the time difference, this is actually the previous post...

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