Monday, April 17, 2006

Listen To Me

One Word Radio has an interview with me up on its website. Paul Kent interviews me, and I ramble on and on. I think I need to learn how to be more interesting. Then again, I know what I'm going to say, so it's probably less interesting for me than for anybody else in the World. If you've never met me or heard my voice, maybe you'll enjoy checking it out.
Anyway, I read two extracts from Jimmy Coates: Target as well, so that's got to be worth it.
If you want to hear what I have to say, you can download it from here, but it costs thirty pence.
Is it worth it? Hard for me to say. I hear my voice all the time. But I still found it quite soothing. And it's over twenty minutes long, so that's not much more than a penny a minute.
I'm usually much more expensive.

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Joe said...

Also, my French accent is quite embarrassing.