Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Why I Didn't Win an Oscar (Again)

Found an interesting analysis of possible reasons why 'Crash' won the Best Picture Oscar over the perceived favourite, 'Brokeback Mountain'. Click here to read it yourself. As a fan of useless trivia, I liked this bit:

"...not since 1980's "Ordinary People" has a film won the best picture Oscar without also having had a nomination for best film editing. "Brokeback" wasn't a film editing nominee this year, while "Crash" film editor Hughes Winborne took home the Oscar."

So now we all know next year to look out for the film editing category. If only I knew what film editing was.

Of course, there's one possible reason the article doesn't mention for 'Crash' beating 'Brokeback'. Maybe it's just a better film.

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