Friday, March 10, 2006

Bromley, Putney, Greenwich, Timbuktu, Mars...

To be honest, I thought travelling about all week and doing event after event would be more draining than this. I'm very lucky that at each event have been some fantastic people running everything. All I have to do is turn up, rant about how I write stories, answer questions, solve the ancient riddles of the universe and sign books.
Lots and lots of signing. I've written my own name more thie week than I did for the ten years I was at school.
But that was because I was often pretending to be someone else. Long story.

Anyway, I also thought that all the events would blend into one long blur - but that hasn't happened (yet). I can still picture all the great readers I've met and remember a few names (just don't expect me to put the names with the pictures).

Most of all, as always, I remember the stories.

Today, Billy-Bob had some trouble with a plastecine Oracle, and Roger had to escape the hungry maggots in the stomach of a shark (he was only there to get away from the sea aliens).
Yesterday I encountered a team of chickens who were only after one thing: the jelly beans that we all thought were safe up in the atmosphere.

Now somebody should write a book about a genetically modified human boy on the run from the secret police.

No - that would be too silly.

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