Thursday, March 16, 2006

Leeds and Birmingham

Earls High, Boston Spa, Windsor... A massive hi to all of you. I had great fun hearing all your ideas for stories, and even playing 'shlubbudub' with a few of you. Sorry guys - I will always win at that game.
I learned a few things this week, and also had a lovely Thai meal at Chaophraya in Leeds. Am I saying that only because they gave me free ice-cream? Well, that didn't hurt. But the food was very tasty. And the company was pretty cool too. I can say that because I know the person I had dinner with won't be reading this.

By the way, look out for me in the careers supplement of the Guardian this Saturday. They were kind enough (crazy enough?) to ask for my comments on what it was like to graduate from university without having applied for a job.

While I'm talking about me and newspapers, did any of you catch me in the Jewish Chronicle this week? There was an article all about me, and then a really pleasing review of JC:T. It said:

"With cinematic skill, Craig unrolls a series of action-packed scenes, with a new crisis at every turn of the page. It's gripping, but not mindless - older readers and parents will particularly enjoy the background of political intrigue, philosophy (Joe Craig's field of study while at Cambridge), allusions to the classics of film - and even some love interest. There's a greater role in the plot for Jimmy's engaging sidekicks - his sister Georgie and bungling friend Felix - along with some well-drawn villains."

Do you think it's just because Jimmy Coates and Jewish Chronicle have the same initials?

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