Friday, March 17, 2006

Afternoon Brain-dump

Not much time to write today - got to put that right, or Jimmy Coates: Revenge will never get written. I already feel like I should have finished it by now. Plenty of work still to do.

I've just come back from a really fun interview at One Word Radio. It brought back all the memories of presenting 'The Ali and Joe Show' for three years while I was at university. Maybe I'll put on a couple of the old tapes this afternoon to accompany Jimmy while he's... oops, nearly gave away some of the plot there. Can't do that.

Meanwhile, if any of you have encountered any tricky dilemmas lately (moral dilemmas, or difficult chocies of any kind) then I need to know about them! Leave them here as a comment, or email me: It's all for the top secret 'Project T'. Your help will be rewarded in the long run. Somehow.

Finally, there's a bonus edition of Jimmy Coates: Mail (my newsletter) going out in the next few days, with access to more hidden pages on my site. If you haven't signed up already, visit this link:

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