Monday, March 20, 2006

Email Meltdown

Today was the day I've feared would come for many months now. Today I finally reached the Critical Point.

I sat down to clear my inbox. I had twenty-five emails that needed replies (that's after I'd filtered out the ones I didn't need to reply to). But as soon as I'd replied to three of them, another four had arrived. I stepped up my pace. I sent out another five replies. Seven new emails arrived.

I'm now receiving emails faster than I can reply to them. This is meltdown time. I would like to announce that I'm now retiring to a Carribbean island, where I will write books, not emails. But don't worry - if you email me, there will be a small, highly trained rhesus monkey sitting at my desk, dealing eloquently with all your enquiries.

You probably won't notice the difference. Except that he's much more polite than I am.


Anonymous said...

rhesus monkey?...

are you positive about that?

Joe said...

Oh yes.