Saturday, March 04, 2006

Busy Without Being Busy

I've just been looking through the 'stats' for my website for the past week. I love stats. I used to learn pages and pages of cricket stats. Most of them are still in my head. If only I'd applied myself the same way to learning French. It's not much good telling a Parisian waiter that the highest fourth innings total to win a Test at Lord's is 344 for 1, by the West Indies against England in 1984.
I've tried it. It doesn't get you a good meal.

Anyway, the point of all this is to tell you that Thursday was the busiest day ever on my website. Hits have been coming from places as diverse as Iran, Senegal, Moldova, Puerto Rico and China.
Thursday was also World Book Day, of course. Coincidence? Erm, probably yes.

By the way, Gordon Greenidge hit 214 not out in that innings. But I can't remember the French for 'What are today's specials?'.

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