Friday, February 17, 2006

A Landmark and Another Land

I just hit 30,000 words of the first draft of Project R.
Things look promising. At this rate I might just make my deadline. To give you some idea about how much of the story that is, the first two Jimmy Coates books are both about 60,000 words long.

Meanwhile, I have exciting news for all my Croatian fans. OK, I don't actually have any Croatian fans, but hopefully all that will change after THIS.

And, of course, it's the perfect gift for any Englishman wanting to brush up on his Croatian.


marianne said...


Forget Target, Assassin and Killer, I like this title best of all. Ubojica. Oh yeah.
(What does it mean????)

Joe said...

It means 'Chiropodist'.

Not really. That would be silly. Apparently it means 'Killer'. Surprise, surprise.

Anonymous said...

I am an Englishman but do not have a Croatian. Is it legal for me to brush up against a Croation not in my ownership?