Friday, February 17, 2006

Obscure Funk

I was listening to one of those compilations of funk from the seventies (I just was, OK? I'm a big funk fan. Some might say an aficionado. But more on that another time) and a tune by an obscure band called 'Dynasty' came on.
I thought it was more disco than funk, personally, but I listened anyway, and became quite enraptured by the lyrics. They went something like this:

"I don't want to be a freak, but I can't help myself."

Fine. An honest admission. A bit dodgy not to take responsibility, but perhaps you really can't help yourself. It went on:

"It's just a music love affair."

And that was it. Almost the whole song was those two lines repeated over and over. There was a little preamble about how different elements of music have various effects on the singer, but not much. That was basically it.

It drove me mad.

What does your music love affair have to do with you being a freak? And if the music makes you a freak, and you don't want to be a freak, then you CAN help yourself - STOP LISTENING TO THE MUSIC!
Or maybe you can't stop listening, because of the 'love affair'. But if the love is so important, why call it 'just' a music love affair? Why downplay it? It's turning you into a freak. Surely it's quite important?


James Casey said...

Le freak, c'est chic.

Joe said...

That's what I read in Vogue.