Sunday, February 19, 2006

Jaffa Cakes

Do you have Jaffa Cakes anywhere else in the World apart from the UK?

I hope so. They're pretty tasty.
Anyway, there's an ad on TV at the moment for Jaffa Cakes which claims that they are healthier than they seem because each 'cake' contains only 1 gram of fat.

Now, I bought a few packets yesterday. They were on a '3 for 2' offer in Waitrose, and I wanted to try the new Blackcurrant flavour (it sucks).

So each 'cake' contains just 1 soiltary gram of fat, eh? Doesn't sound very much, does it? Well, have you ever weighed a Jaffa Cake? Do you know what proportion of each cake this 1 measly gram of fat is?

I have, and I do. Care to guess?

Each Jaffa Cake weighs 14 grams - they are surprisingly uniform. This means that each cake is 7.143 per cent fat. Not so healthy now, is it?

But still delicious, so I suppose that's OK. And it is a chocolate biscuit, after all.

Also, why is this person selling Jaffa Cakes on ebay? What's going on there?

While I'm on the subject, stare into the centre of this Jaffa Cake. Can you see the smiling face?

And 92.857 per cent slimming too.

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