Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So this is 2006. It's nice.

I suppose I should do a whole 'New Year' entry, shouldn't I? But wouldn't that be a bit self-indulgent? What am I talking about - this is a blog.
Happy New Year everyone.
The last few days have been pretty knackering. Lots of fun, lots of dim sum and we even found time to watch Dumbo.
I fought for some shiny new football boots in the Battle of Lillywhites (which locals call the 'sale'). The boots helped Imaginary Madrid to a 5-5 draw last night. That's the fourth draw in ten games this season - very unusual for five-a-side. We've only lost two, so that's good. On the other hand, we've only won four.

OK, time to pull myself together and let you know what's coming up for me:
I'm going to New York!
Come and say hello at the Books of Wonder bookstore on January 28th, 12 noon. I'll be there talking about this with David Clement-Davies and Kenneth Oppel. (Obviously they'll be talking about their books, even though the last sentence made it sound like we'd all be sitting there discussing me, me, me.)
I can't wait to meet some New York readers.

Then in March I'll be popping up here and there in the UK for the publication of:

It's out on March 6th here in the UK. You can even pre-order it here.

I'll let you know about events in March closer to the time.

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