Saturday, January 14, 2006

Rome Lost, Lost Won

I have to shamefully admit that I was hooked on Lost. The first series just finished here in the UK.
Yes, it was far-fetched and ridiculous, but the great Chuck Jones once said:
"I don't want something realistic, I want something believable". I follow that credo when I'm writing, and I think the writers of Lost did as well.
And yet Rome, which was (sort of) based on historical events, lost me. I think it was because I knew a little about the truth of the story. I kept feeling that Rome, the TV show, didn't do justice to the amazing real stories of Rome, the Empire.
I think it was when they showed the Rubicon as just a little stream. Caesar trotted over it without batting an eyelid and then one of the supporting characters popped his head out of his trailer and said, 'Oh look, that's the Rubicon.'
Yeah, way to heighten the tension guys. By crossing the Rubicon Caesar was basically declaring war on Rome.
Anyway, now I can forget all that and concentrate on the fifth series of America's Next Top Model...

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