Monday, January 16, 2006


For a long time I've been proud of the fact that I have perfect vision. Better than 20/20. That doesn't mean I have prefect judgement, of course, but it does mean I can read street signs from the next county. It helps with the subtitles on foreign movies, the small print on adverts and lots of sports as well - especially cricket.
But this morning I woke up with a weird imbalance. My right eye is still perfect. No problem. But my left eye has gone a little blurry. Of course, this means that things are a little confusing when I have both eyes open. It's OK if I close my left eye.
Should I wear a patch?
I'm worried that unless this clears up I'll have to start wearing a monocle. I don't think that will go with my tweed jacket and waistcoat. And I very rarely wear a top hat these days. Not during the week, anyway.


James Casey said...

I suspect the only safe solution is to have it replaced with a bionic eye that can also fire laser beams.

Joe said...

Yeah but what if I already have one of those?

James Casey said...

Mental note: Joe Craig is *always* right.