Friday, November 04, 2005

Movies and Music

I just got home from a lovely evening listening to Karine Polwart. I had never heard of her, but I'm always willing to go where my sister leads me (well, usually). I suppose you'd call it folksy-pop, but check out her site and listen for yourself. She had a great band, some fine songs, a distinctive voice, and great charm on stage.

That followed an afternoon at the movies. It was the closing day of the London Film Festival today. This year I went to three screenings - The March of the Penguins (sweet: fluffy things surviving against the odds, occasionally sliding on their bellies), Factotum (interesting: alcoholic descends from miserable to worse via a wretched patch. Matt Dillon is excellent) and finally, the one that I whole-heartedly recommend, Shopgirl (from Steve Martin's book. It's about sixteen thousand times better than 'Lost In Translation'). I didn't see all these on the same day, by the way. I'm not crazy.

I also, of course, ate lots of sushi today. Nasu Miso: mmmmmm...


StarGazer said...

Thanks for the link to Karine Polwart. Have you heard Dar Williams from the States? Her music is similar.

Joe said...

Dar Williams? No, haven't heard of her. Well, I have now, obviously, so I will check her out.