Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Cars' Ears

Why do cars have wing mirrors? Yes, obviously it's so that the driver can see what's going on over his or her shoulder. But it seems so silly that car companies spend millions of pounds on designing sleek, cool, sexy looking cars that will entice us to buy them, to yearn for the lifestyle that fancy car can offer, to coo over the streamline design etc. And then they go and stick these two big ears on the side. People have been designing cars now for over a hundred years. Has nobody, in all that time, been able to think up a way for us to see what's going on over our shoulders in a way that is more aesthetically pleasing?
Must all cars look like Big Ears out of the Noddy stories?
Surely there's some cool computer-generation gizmo that can move the wing mirror from sticking out the side to... anywhere else. In the age of satellite navigation systems and cruise control, how come we still rely on mirrors to see over our shoulders? That's just not cool.

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StarGazer said...

I agree with you about the wing mirrors. That has always bothered me. In Japan they put the mirrors forward more on the hood. They also fold in on a hinge so when you pass another car in the tiny lanes they call roads, you can slap your mirrors in (or the mirrors on a parked car when you need to get by).