Thursday, August 18, 2005

Iranian Casserole and Greek Salad

Time out for a cookery moment -
I had an Iranian Casserole last night, kindly cooked for me by a friend and charming host. Chicken, cinnamon, walnuts, pomegranate juice, and a couple of secret ingredients - delicious! I might try it myself.
One of the side-effects of building the gazebo (see below) was that I didn't have time to prepare any of the manifold side-dishes I had planned for the BBQ. The ingredients are still packing the fridge.
One of them was a variant of a Greek Salad - Nigella Lawson's variant, in fact. (Largely just because she's so pretty.) So I made it anyway, and it came out great. Except I couldn't help tinkering with the recipe. 200ml of olive oil? Surely that's a misprint. So I made most of it up. But it's a salad, right? How far wrong can you go? You just mix everything together in a bowl.
In fact, it's not even cookery.
It's not cookery if you could eat all of the ingredients separately, as they come out of the packets, and still have a hearty meal.

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