Monday, August 22, 2005


We picked bucket loads of blackberries this weekend. All from the bushes round the corner from my house - and this is in a London suburb. They're delicious, but if we don't eat them quickly they're going to go mouldy, which would be pretty grim. I've already had to battle with all the exotic bugs and beetles that were trying to live in my blackberries. I think I nearly ate a couple by mistake.
I'm also covered in nettle stings. I just couldn't stop myself reaching for the plumpest, juiciest, ripest blackberries, right at the top of the bush, just out of reach of the tips of my fingers. Then it always turned out I was brushing up against a nettle.
Stupid nettles.
We picked elderberries too, which I'm assured aren't poisonous (hmm...). We've boiled them up into a heady juice. If you add enough sugar to anything, it's going to be delicious, isn't it?
Unless it's poisonous.

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Anonymous said...

Elderberries are not poisonous.

The mushrooms in my garden are. Dan had a fit when I tried to eat them without checking. Life's too short to check everything....

K x