Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sporting Week

I spent today at Lord's watching twenty-two of the best cricketers in the world hammer it out aganist each other in the Tsunami Benefit Match. Great entertainment. It was almost as exciting as watching England beating Australia last night. Sorry, I don't mean 'beating', I mean THRASHING. That hasn't happened for as long as I've been following cricket, which is since June 1988.
If England win the Ashes this summer, I will find myself a quiet corner and reflect on the wonders of life, with a tear of wonder in my eye.
Meanwhile, Imaginary Madrid played a stonker of our own last night. Five of us put in the performances of our lives to come out 10-3 victors. I took a nasty blow to the solar plexus, but after the pain and panic faded, and the air returned to my lungs, the only thing left was the memory of another strong save. And slight bruising.
Let's keep the winning streak going - Brondesbury Under Elevens take on Mill Hill Village in the cup semi-final tomorrow night.
6pm at Harman Drive. Supporters welcome. Bring it on.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't this exciting!!
Would be more so if I understood cricket.