Sunday, June 12, 2005

Latest Review

Jimmy Coates: Assassin? has attracted another great review. I'm obviously delighted.
It comes from Hillias J. Martin, writing in the School Library Journal in the USA. Allow me to cherry-pick one sentence for you:
"Jimmy's humorous mishaps and athletic thrills will leave middle-grade boys drooling for the next installment."
Thank you, Hillias J. Martin.
The full review is on display on the book's US Amazon page, which is right here. Incidentally, that's also where you can buy the book.
Handy that, isn't it?

(PS I've responded to a query about the book's title(s) in the 'comments' attached to the blog entry below.)


D said...

JOSEPH! I didn't even know this was here. I am going to have to back read through your archive (like being pulled through a blodge backward?) to... erm... June 2004. It's ok, I have time. What I don't have is a watch.


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Joe said...

It's true, Brondesbury do rule. But we'll rule more when we win the cup.