Thursday, June 16, 2005

South Hampstead

Had a great visit to South Hampstead High School this afternoon. I particularly enjoyed it because that's where my sisters went, and it was my first all-girl audience. I even got a chance to play their beautiful grand piano, which is always fun.
The girls asked some great questions and had some brilliant story ideas, including a rabbit that eats left legs.
To round off a successful day, Brondesbury Under Elevens won again tonight. I'll update the stats later tonight.


someone who thinks south hampstead is great said...

woohoo! south hampstead are the best! no one is better than south hampstead!!! you are only worth my time if you go to south hampstead! shhs are the best! etc,etc.
p.s please call one of your frogs fernando

Joe said...

So, what school was that again?
I'm kidding.
OK - I will call a frog Fernando. Good idea.