Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Some French

The weather's been far too beautiful for me to spend time in front of my computer. I hope you've also been so lucky, wherever you are.
Instead of posting here, I've managed to fit in a couple of games of football (including a close defeat for Imaginary Madrid, which keeps us a respectable 4th in the league).
I've also been hard on the barbeque circuit - it's a very tasty time of year, isn't it?
Finally, I suppose I should announce my announcement. I'm not very good at announcing. I prefer the delicate art of mentioning.
Anyway, I now have the publication date for the French edition of my book. It's coming out on September 16th - il paraƮtra le 16 septembre - and will be called 'Jimmy Coates: Assassin?' just as it is in the US (except with a French accent, please).
If you're interested in improving your French, or if you are French and would like to read my book, you can pre-order it HERE.
I think you should.
Commandez-le maintenant!

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