Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Big Toe Radio

I had loads of fun yesterday on the Big Toe Radio Show. It was great meeting Toby (T-19), Ben (B-2) and Joe (J-19), who were the Big Toe team for the day, and the presenters Kevin, Kirsten and Nathalie, who had just been snowboarding, apparently.
My spy-name was 'The Seventh Stranger' because I was the seventh person in the room, and I was a little bit stranger than the rest of them.
My spy-mobile was the Thunderhoop, which has an attachment for cold meats. If you heard the show, you'll know what I'm talking about, if you didn't catch it then you probably don't have a clue.
I think you can still listen to it through the Big Toe website, which is


Anonymous said...

I thought the pocket Thundercat had an attachment for smoked meats.

Joe said...

Well, it was the Thunderhoop, and obviously the prototype had an attachment for smoked meats only, but the Thunderhoop 2.0 was capable of accommodating cold meats of any kind, as well as some smoked fish.