Saturday, March 19, 2005

Olympic Medals

Did you hear about this? Britain's efforts to claim Olympic medals have become even more desperate than I thought they ever could.
In 1900, a man called Pritchard won two medals at the Olympics. I think one was a silver in the two hundred yards, and one was in a hurdles race or something like that.
Anyway, the man was born in India to English parents. In 1900 India had no Olympic committee, so Pritchard came to England, joined an Athletics club and competed at the Olympics with the British team.
Apparently, for years the man has been a hero in India, as there have been very few Indian medallists (16, I think). But here's the thing: Pritchard just appeared in some Olympic book listed as a British athlete. There are some people in India who are, understandably, very upset, and worried that Britain will try to claim other Indian medals which were won pre-independence in 1947.
Please - can't we invest in training some decent athletes to win medals now? Arguing over a couple of silvers from over a hundred years ago does seem a little petty.
I mean, it's not as if they were gold.

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