Monday, March 21, 2005

More Mentos

My sister just returned from the US with quite a bounty of Mentos for me. This is fantastic. I've been sucking and chewing with glee all day.
But the thing about these Mentos is that they aren't in the traditional tubes - they are in boxes! This amazes me. It makes them much easier to stack up on my desk for a start. I can build a Mentos fort.
As if that weren't enough excitement, two of these boxes are mysterious "Mentos Sours" - I've never seen these before. Are they new?
Each "Sours" box contain watermelon, green apple and lemon - but, ooh, so sour. I love them. After a cinnamon one has stripped the top layer of skin off my tongue, there's nothing better than a sour one to remind you you're alive.
And my friend/supplier in Paris has promised me that there's a new flavour! What is it? Are they on their way?
I'm dribbling with excitement (thought it might just be that I've lost control of my salivary glands after too many sours).


marianne said...
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marianne said...

One can go too far with sours. I love that tangy taste, and so a couple of months ago I treated myself to a bag of strawberry sour laces from Woolies. The citric acid actually burnt the skin on the roof of my mouth and it really hurt for THREE DAYS.