Tuesday, March 15, 2005

London Book Fair

Had fun tonight at a HarperCollins party for the London Book Fair. These publishing people do know a lot about entertaining. I met a couple of other authors who are way ahead of me down their respective paths: Darren Shan and Lynne Reid Banks.
I tried to pick up some tips, but they were too busy being friendly, charming and entertaining.
Now, I know that what you really want to hear about is the meal I had - or experienced - last night at the Waterside Inn. Well, I think it's going to have to wait. It was all a bit too much, and a bit too special to just throw down in a blog so casually. It was more than a meal. It was a lesson, an experience, a wonder, a family, a journey, a treasure, a performance, an art, a composition. And that was just the amuse bouche.
Tomorrow I might post nothing but a list of the dishes I ate. I won't need to tell you anything more.

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