Thursday, February 03, 2005


My book has been previewed in The Bookseller!
On page 29 of the January 21st Edition, two of the three on the panel for the Children's Previews picked out Jimmy Coates: Killer as one of their picks for April.

Sonia Benster said: "The eponymous hero Jimmy Coates: Killer is a wimp transformed into a wonder athlete for sinister purposes. Fast-paced and punctuated with vividly described fights and escapes, this debut could tempt computer games addicts into reading."

Lindsey Fraser said: "The eponymous hero of Jimmy Coates: Killer gradually realises that the political quarrels which erupt regularly between his parents are more than matrimonial banter. Indeed, he finds himself at the heart of intrigue which not only assumes world significance but also leads to a shocking discovery about himself. Joe Craig's first novel is written with refreshing clarity. Alex Rider fans are among those who will enjoy this mystery thriller."

Have you read Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider books? They're very good. How about this: when you order your copy of the latest Alex Rider adventure, Ark Angel, you also order your copy of Jimmy Coates: Killer? They'll both be published in the first week of April.
Here are the links to order them from Amazon:
Jimmy Coates: Killer
Ark Angel

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