Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Jimmy Coates: Killer on Ebay

Look what I just found - CLICK HERE - a proof copy of my book has turned up on ebay!
I don't know whether to be flattered or suspicious.
The seller describes it as a "fantastic novel from a talented new author" but also says that this copy was "never read". Interesting.
I'm also a little put out that it's not sparked a furious bidding war, but then I suppose nobody has heard of it yet.
If you're really desperate to read it then go ahead and bid - I don't mind. I'll even sign it for you when you've bought it. BUT - the proof of the book is not the same as the final version. The text went through another few rounds of vigorous editing. You might want this if you're interested in comparing the two versions.
You'll also be getting a book with a bright orange cover, rather than the great design that's on the finished books.
Anyway, I'll be watching keenly to see how much it finally goes for.

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