Monday, January 10, 2005

New Season

Big night tonight: first match in the new season of our five-a-side football league. (That's 'soccer' to all of you in the States.)
Perhaps not quite as a big a night as it sounds, as the 'seasons' roll all year round, with a new one starting every 14 weeks, immediately after the old one finishes. But it still feels big.
Last 'season' we finished third in the league - a great result.
You can follow our progress at the website, here. The team to follow is Imaginary Madrid, in Division 2 of the Monday League. There'll also be regular updates right here, sportsfans.


Joe said...

We started with a 10-3 victory. Great game, great performance by everyone.

Joe said...

OK, apparently it was only 9-3, but that puts us top of the league after one game.