Saturday, January 22, 2005

Mentos Again

Ladies and Gentlemen, I just tried my first Pink Grapefruit Mento.
I feel like Act One of my life has reached its end, and a new dawn has begun. Henceforth, times will be referred to as BPGM (Before Pink Grapefruit Mentos) and APGM (Anno Pink Grapefruit Mentis).
I didn't even know this flavour existed until today. Then a package arrived from Paris. My friend - my true, dedicated and compassionate friend - sent me four flavours, four packs of each, all of them unavailable in the UK.
What sort of confectionery wasteland am I living in, that deems these Mento delights inappropriate for its people? Is this a conspiracy? Who is behind this evil deprivation of grapefruit flavoured sugar?
Something so tasty should be freely available, flowing from public taps in the streets. Or at least available in shops for a reasonable price.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo Katy the Parisian Purveyor of Pink Grapefruit Mentos here. Am dead chuffed to have made it into your weblog at last. And as far as I'm concerned flattery will always get you more mentos. Have you tried the devil mentos yet?

Joe said...

Mmmm yes - the luxurious licquorice mentos that you call 'devil mentos' are deep, dark and delicious. A tasty mento treat.