Monday, December 06, 2004


Santa arrived early at this house - and on his way he'd popped in at Argos to buy us a food processor.
So today I made guacamole! Now, I know that technically you don't need a food processor to make guacamole, but technically you don't need the guacamole either.
It was the fun of making it that mattered to me - though the deliciousness of the result was a pretty high priority. And though runnier than I would normally demand of my guacamole, (what do you expect - I used a food processor) it was indeed delicious.
There's surprisingly little washing up, too.
For those who are interested, my guacamole conatined: an avocado, a tomato, a chilli, a sun-dried tomato, some capers, olive oil, two sweet red peppers, pepper, salt, cumin, paprika, a drop of milk, loads of basil, a clove of garlic, parsley, lime juice, lemon juice and something else that I can't remember. Let's call it the secret ingredient.
Probably not the most authentic guacamole recipe, but I had to put lots in it, because I needed something for the food processor to process.
Suggestions for my next guacamole welcome.

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