Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Writing Update

Look away now if you don't want to know how many words I've written.
OK, looking away probably isn't going to help. Your eye has probably already scanned the page and noticed that I have now written 5O,OOO words of the first draft of the sequel to 'Jimmy Coates: Killer' (or 'Jimmy Coates: Assassin?' if you're in the USA).
I feel good about it. I haven't finished, but it's a good chunk of the way there.
I haven't been writing today because I've been thinking. (Who would have though that the two were mutually exclusive?) I've been running over a couple of plot points in my head, particularly in relation to one of the main characters. I like him, but at the moment he doesn't have enough to do. Perhaps this is because I like him too much, and I am reluctant to put obstacles in his way - but that's my job.
So today I've been thinking up some obstacles.
Must get back to it...
Oh, and don't forget - Duck Soup Day is tomorrow. Have you bought your duck?

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