Thursday, November 18, 2004

Duck Report

How was your Duck Soup Day?
We had a lot of fun in this house. I cooked a duck, which went down well. I'll be stewing up a soup with the carcass, which means the Duck Soup Day celebrations will spill over the next few days.
I managed to behave in a fairly anarchic fashion and imposed a few wisecracks on my nearest and dearest.
Finally, I watched 'Monkey Business' - probably not the best Marx Brothers movie, but I love all the antics on the boat. And there's a classic series of gags about Maurice Chevalier.
Might not sound much to you, but it was fun for me.
For those of you not quite satisfied with one day in honour of the Marx Brothers - or if any of you missed it - here's another one: 23rd November was Harpo Marx's birthday. That's next week!
I'll be celebrating, of course.


Anonymous said...

My favorite Harpo Marx story is this:
Someone asked Harpo why he and his wife kept adopting. I think they adopted 5 kids.

Harpo's response was because when he came home at night he wanted to see a face smiling at him from each window.

I thought that was lovely.

Joe said...

That's brilliant! I'm going to have to slip that into conversation somehow.