Monday, October 25, 2004

Partingdale Lane

How about this for a local brouhaha:
There's a street in my neighbourhood called Partingdale Lane. It was closed off in 1997 then reopened a couple of years ago, before the residents took the council to court for not consulting them 'properly' (whatever that means) over the re-opening, and the road was closed off again.
Now, following some truly hilarious letters in the local paper, the council has sent out questionnaires to ask everybody what they want done about Partingdale Lane. Guess what? The residents want it closed, everybody else wants it open. That's a natty questionnaire.
Personally, it would of course be more convenient for me if I could drive along it. As you'll see from this map, it's the only way to get from A to B (if A is Finchley and B is Mill Hill) without a ridiculous detour.
But as this thing goes on, I'm getting more of a kick out of what passes for local 'debate'. This week, the residents of Partingdale Lane went one better than a letter, and actually put an advert in the local paper.
So I've decided to make it not just a local issue, nor even a national one, but an international one. That's the magic of the internet.
Have your say! Should Partingdale Lane be re-opened - again?
You could let me know - but I can't really do anything about it. Much better to email if you want it closed, or if you want it open. If you couldn't care less either way, email them both and tell them so.
That'll really get the debate going.
This truly is the issue that could crack the Kerry/Bush deadlock.


Anonymous said...

What is so special about this stretch of road?
Retail? Housing? kids?

Where are you in relation ot this? Will it impact you and your comings and goings?

Dont get me started on Bush-Kerry. I just found out Canada wont let us in anymore.

Joe said...

From what I gather, I think the reason the road was closed was that there is no pavement on either side. The council wants to build one now, and put in speed restrictions etc.